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Yoga is fulfilling on a physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual level. By positively addressing all of these keys to a happy existence, yoga creates a 'high' that is different from anything that springs from any other activity


vinyasa flow and yin yoga in south london

I am lucky enough to have spent the last two years exploring the world leading retreats and teaching workshops, public and private classes in Sri Lanka and have recently relocated back home bringing topical energy and all sorts of teachings back with me. I am passionate about sharing the wonderful physical and mental benefits of yoga and creating an engaging and meaningful experience for students. 

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"The smiling faces from people after practicing with Ali say enough. She is a professional teacher and a fantastic human being with so much positive energy! Her qualities as a yoga teacher made our retreaters feel comfortable and free during and after class."

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"Improved posture, flexibility and overall wellbeing are pretty much a given with a regular yoga practice but Alison turns this up a few notches. She has a scarily precise understanding of my strengths and limitations and works with me to ensure small victories are achieved each session. I don’t see where my money is going, I feel it."

private client

"Ali is a fab yoga teacher, physically and mentally and I would jump at the opportunity to take classes with her again. She is professional yet accessible and was happy to take questons, provide assists and would push our abilities without breaking our comfort zone. Our team all enjoyed being taught by her and are now enthusiastic yogis!"

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corporates and workplace wellbeing

Yoga is a great way to promote wellbeing in the workplace, build a cohesive and productive team with increased concentration and creativity levels. All we need is a clear space to practice and 30 – 75 minutes before or after your working day or even during lunchtime. Also available for teambuilding and other events.


private sessions

Private sessions are tailored to individual student needs offering the ability to focus on personal interests and goals. Great for beginners to lay foundations, advanced practitioners to deepen their practice or for working with injuries or other physical conditions. Available for individuals, couples and small groups.


public classes

Sometimes there's nothing like the energy of a group yoga class! Public class schedule coming soon...


my yoga journey so far

As clichéd as it sounds, I did my first yoga class whilst travelling in India in 2008 and was hooked, despite the teacher sticking his fingers deep into my belly button for a traditional digestive technique! When it became apparent that the belly button thing was an exception not the norm I became a regular yogi back at home and loved the physicality of the practice but was amazed at how it kept me grounded in the urban machine of London. When years of long office hours and lively weekends began to take their toll, yoga was what inspired me to change and live a more integrated and balanced life.

I was initially drawn to the uplifting energy, flow and creativity of vinyasa and still love a good sweat but also find huge benefits in the stillness of yin yoga and exploring more fluid movements. Whichever style we practice, yoga is a fabulous tool to explore and build awareness about ourselves – body and mind – as well as the world we live in. 

I am forever a student, always open to the experience of learning and am thankful to have practiced with some incredible teachers all around the world including Vidya Heisel and the Frog Lotus International team, Sebastian Pucelle, Murielle Burellier and Julie Martin.

my teaching style

I am lucky enough to have spent the last two years exploring the world leading retreats and teaching workshops, public and private classes in Sri Lanka. I have recently relocated back to South London bringing topical island energy and all sorts of teachings back with me. I am passionate about sharing the wonderful physical and mental benefits of yoga and creating an engaging and meaningful experience for students. 

My classes translate yoga in an engaging and accessible way, weaving elements of exploration, playfulness, breathwork, mindful alignment, movement and stillness accompanied by a great playlist to create an encouraging and comfortable environment. Smiles and open minds are strongly encouraged and everyone finishes their practice with a blissful feeling

I truly believe yoga is for every body and my teaching style honours the traditional roots of yoga but refreshingly breaks the rigid framework with a functional anatomical approach focussed on natural range of movement and integrated stability. Essentially we explore the sensations of movement and stillness and observe ourselves without judgement with students  encouraged to work at an appropriate level yet challenge their own perceived physical and mental limitations on and off the mat.Everyone has something unique and different to learn and together we strive for progress rather than perfection.

I teach the following styles of yoga:

  • Vinyasa flow Energising and uplifting flows with imaginiative sequencing and a focus on functional alignment. Range of paces from powerful and sweaty to gentle stretching, but usually something in between. Sometimes includes partner work (acro yoga)
  • Yin Slow practice of floor based postures held for long periods for myofascial release with insightful commentary to encourage deep mental relaxation
  • Vinyasa Combination of energising flows and relaxing releases of stillness, the perfect balance between yin and yang

I am registered and fully insured with Yoga Alliance UK

Please get in touch if you’d like to organise a class or workshop

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